Sunday, October 23, 2016

Home-Based Career

Hi there! Being bum for a while, there’s a fighting idea in my head to work corporate again or do something else. Problem was I don’t know what that something else is, yet. Do you feel the same? 

One boring afternoon, while browsing my feed, I saw a class offering “Home-Based 101: How to earn from home as a VA and Blogger”. Curiosity got me. I told myself, maybe I can do this, or maybe this is what I am looking for. And so I booked the class immediately.

Day of class came. I don’t really know what to expect. A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT or a VA, what’s that? Is that a career, really? These QUESTIONS were answered. Thankfully, our speaker for Virtual Assistant topic, Ms. Jane, was the bomb! Such a cool mom and she really is an EXPERT on the field, and oh so GENEROUS as well. Not only the basics of VA were shared but more. It opened my eyes to more possibilities that I didn’t know exist before. But more than possibilities, here’s VA 101.

First things first. It starts with the mindset. Shifting from corporate to being home-based as a VA has its pros and cons. For me, getting away with our HORRIBLE TRAFFIC and have extra time are my non-negotiable pros. Having the right ATTITUDE, learning to set GOALS, and then putting in FAITH will definitely bridge you. 

Being home-based, you have to actually account everything to get paid right for your skills and services. Good thing, Ms. Jane is kind of an OC. She sampled on how to determine rate. This computation already included overhead, taxes, vacation leave, sick leave and holidays too! Amazing right? 

Skills skills SKILLS. Tools tools TOOLS. To start as VA, it will be handy to assess your current set of skills. You don’t have to know it all but you can start with your current skills set already. Key is to never stop learning new skills. Adding essential VA skills and knowing the TOOLS will get you to be paid more in the future.

Internet is everything. A home-based career is anchored to the internet. Hello we are in the Philippines! Like we have the BEST internet! Figure out what’s the BEST INTERNET and most reliable service, the best you can probably find in your area. Seriously, a back-up plan A, B, C… in case the choice of reliable internet turns out to be unreliable is a must.

As I’ve said, Ms. Jane was oh so generous. After teaching the basics, she offered a 30-day coaching program to our class, for FREE. Yes free, and free nowadays is scarce. Going home, I already actually decided to sign up to her.  I’m so looking forward to learn more of the essential SKILLS and TOOLS of a VA.

I sent Ms. Jane an email. Hopefully, she’ll have me!

Simpleng Maybahay

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hi there!

Hi. I'm Simpleng Maybahay. Come join me in my journey as a wife and more.